Varied Interesting Workshops

Below is a list of varied interesting workshops and also how to make contact.  I run day and half day workshops, in your own home, spiritual centres, spas or other venues. Once you have chosen your workshop you can contact me to discuss what you need: Click Here

Hi Gel, sorry for the delay in thanking you for your lovely Colour & Auragraph workshop. We all enjoyed it thoroughly. Having gained a deeper understanding of colour and being able to intuitively read the auragraphs that we created was truly fascinating, we will continue to build on your teaching. We look forward to the next one in July. Once again many thanks and we hope you had a good & safe journey back to Gozo. Frankie Ashby xx

A workshop is for a minimum of 6 people. Workshop content is subject to change, according to the needs of the students, but on the whole will stay the same.

I’m also available for talks, on the same subjects, especially motivational speaking: to request a talk Click Here

If you have queries or are not sure what you or your group need, please contact me to discuss; (include your contact details) via my Contact Page

One of my Varied interesting workshops

A list of varied interesting workshops

COLOUR YOUR WORLDCan you imagine a world without colour?

Colour can be used for many things, including: healing, comfort, calming, energizing, releasing creativity, releasing mental blockages and can relieve physical, mental and emotional conditions. In essence, it is very important in our lives. Colours are absorbed into the energy field from the clothes we wear and the colours in our homes, as well as, from the food we eat.

I will do a talk on the meaning of the colour and much more.
Colour meditation
Colour breathing
Group exercise using coloured swatches
Colour healing/balancing chakras
Drawing your partner’s auragraph
Reading each other’s auragraphs
Aura/colour readings & assessments
And if time a short assessment of the day
Closing down and protection

POWER OF THOUGHT – Every thought we have is moulding our future.

We all need to realise that thoughts are forms of energy. It’s a vast subject and I will give you tools and guidance to help you attract what you need to live a fulfilling life. Equally important is creative visualisation, which links us with the Infinite Power, and we are all a part of the whole. We all need faith in our ability to create the life we want, in addition to helping others on the journey.

Talk on the power of thought followed by Q & A’s
Meditation to link with The Infinite Power
How to use creative imagination
Exercise to assess what you truly want
Free flow writing to open up the channels
Desire, power, faith and how to manifest your desires
Attitude of gratitude
Tips in how to persist in this practice at home
Closing down and protection


Understanding what energy is and how to use it to your advantage can enhance your life enormously, especially if you are a practitioner, therapists or in the caring profession. I will give you the tools to help you progress on your pathway coupled with the knowledge of how to protect yourselves. Enlightening and fun group exercises.

Talk on different types of energy – short Q & A’s
Grounding & aura strengthening
Balancing the chakras
Guided meditation
Exercise to expand your auric field and sense
Group exercise using auras & visualisation
Group exercise with dowsing rods
What is vibrational energy
The use of colour and sound
Violet Flame meditation to transmute negative energy
Closing down and protection

PSYCHIC AND SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT  for beginners to intermediate. This can lead to more advance training. It can also lead to spirit art (portraits)

This is one of the varied interesting workshops that will help you develop and enhance your communication skills. Equally important, it will improve your psychic abilities on many different levels and will enable you to grow spiritually. Moreover, it will enrich your lives in many ways. I will help and inspire you to discover gifts you possess beyond your present limitations. Of course these gifts are not just for the few, but the birthright of every soul on earth. We are spiritual beings first and foremost having a physical experience, not physical beings having a spiritual experience.

Many hands-on exercises, discussions and meditations will enable you to practice in a strong, loving and safe environment; not to mention the opportunity to expand your knowledge and discover new psychic skills. Devoting time to your spiritual awakening will bring heightened sensitivity into your day-to-day living. If you are ready and have the dedication to move forward on your journey, then this workshop is for you.


This workshop will give you an understanding of how mediumship works, furthermore, it will allow you to grow spiritually. I can help and inspire you to discover the unique gifts that you possess beyond your present limitations. Similarly, I can show you ways in which we connect with those in the afterlife and how to become aware when they are around. You will practise connecting with spirit and your own spiritual gifts in a strong, loving and safe environment. As well as giving you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and discover your mediumistic potential.

Talk on the mechanics of mediumship – short Q & A’s
Grounding, aura strengthening & harmonizing
Guided meditations to help you link with Spirit
Linking with your guides and what their roles are
Being in the Power of the Spirit
Clairsentience exercise
Third eye and clairvoyance exercise
Making a link with Spirit
The importance of an evidential of message
Short assessment of the day
Closing down and protection

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION – Each thought is a form of energy

We are all responsible for our own lives and this includes the good as well as the bad. Every thought is creating our future, in a word, we create our experiences by our thoughts and our actions. We are co-creators of this wonderful universe. Of course, changing your way of thinking is imperative if you want to attract abundance. And you can begin to feel free this very moment by realising you are one with The Infinite Power. In short, it is only the present that matters.

Talk on the Law of Attraction – short Q & A’s
Centering meditation
Coincidence or synchronicity?
Affirmations and how they work
Grateful lists exercise – cause and effect
Getting to know yourselves exercise
Loving and believing in yourselves
Manifest your dreams
Closing down and protection

MEETING YOUR GUIDESYou met them before you were born into this life and they agreed to help you.

I will give you the tools to enable you to link with your spirit guides. You may already know your guides but need a stronger link, or you would like to know more about them. In either case, you will progress if you learn to trust. They walk with us, guide us, love us and are like our family in the spirit realms. We have soul guides too and they help us with their wisdom, knowledge and love through many lifetimes.

Talk on spirit guides, soul guides and angels – short Q & A’s
Grounding, attunement and aura strengthening
Sitting in the power
Calling your guides to you exercise
How to ask for signs exercise
Getting to know your guides exercise
Overshadowing and inspirational writing exercise
Closing down, thank guides and protection

WORKING WITH YOUR GUIDES ***advance training would follow the above, as well as sitting for trance and physical mediumship. Furthermore, you can contact me for info and advice.

REACH FOR THE STARSCreativity and spirituality cannot be separated.

I added Reach for the Stars to my list of varied interesting workshops, because you cannot separate creativity and spirituality. If you grow spiritually your creativity will be enhanced and you will have a creative breakthrough. When you have more creativity in your life you will also feel at one with the Infinite Power. Furthermore, being creative doesn’t mean you have to be an artist or a writer. Creativity comes from deep within the soul and in many forms to help fulfill your lives; it is equally important to remember this. You can be creative!

Talk on the subject – short Q & A’s
Meditation, grounding, aura strengthening
How to link in with the higher power for inspiration
Writing exercise helps gain a clearer understanding
Stream of consciousness
Free flowing exercise
Sitting in the power
Recovering your sense of direction & buried dreams
Closing down and protection


You may be a natural medium and speaker, to say nothing of the training you may have done. However, learning the art of presentation is imperative, together with compassion and understanding for your recipients at all times. Equally, you need to be able to inspire and challenge with your talks. To be confident enough in the delivery of your survival evidence and messages in a professional manner. I’ve been helping and training budding mediums and speakers for thirty years, by the same token, I train mediums and speakers to a high level of proficiency. In a word, what are you waiting for!

Talk on the subject – short Q & A session
Meditation/linking with the power
How to fill the building with your energy
How to know when your energy has dropped
Inspirational speaking exercise & how to plan a talk
Delivery of evidence & messages
The need to validate evidence from spirit
Stance, speech and embracing your audience
The power of prayer – how not to do it
Mock services – good practice
Closing down and protection

VISION BOARD WORKSHOP – Vision boards are fun to make and a positive way of affirming your goals.

Vision BoardI have introduced this to my list of varied interesting workshops because it is positive, as well as, fun. A vision board is a visual representation of all the things you want to manifest and all the things you want to be and have in your life. Moreover, it’s a daily reminder of those things you want to manifest as well as keeping you feeling positive. Likewise, it’s something you can look at every single day to remind you of your deepest desires. The value of a vision board goes way beyond just material things, not to mention, they are brilliant for future success. Affirmations and vision boards are powerful and they work if you have the right intent and an attitude of gratitude. Equally important, is the amount of positive energy you put into them and of course you need to be persistent.

Learn how linking in with your creative imagination every day, morning and night for 15 minutes can reap enormous benefits, together with, the feeling of connectedness.

It is not possible for me to travel with 100’s of magazines so students must bring a pile of magazines each, with which to cut the images from, together with a pair of scissors. Make sure the magazines are varied and represent your interests, not to mention your aspirations. Also bring newspapers for newspaper cuttings and your favourite affirmations and quotes.

I am one with the Infinite Power, and everywhere The Infinite Spirit of Life, Love, Wisdom, Peace, Power, and Plenty is guiding, keeping, protecting and leading me!

If you have any requests for varied interesting workshops then please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you. To book a Workshop Click Here