Psychic Readings – Angel Tarot Cards


Psychic Readings with the Angel Tarot CardsPsychic Readings – Angel Tarot Cards. When I do Psychic Readings I will be able to see what is going on around you and how you can deal with certain situations. I can give you advice to help you make the right decisions in difficult circumstances, enabling you to move forward towards your goals. I aim to reach the highest level when working. Readings are confidential at all times.

I tune into a client’s vibrations on the Angel Tarot Cards. A good psychic is also in tune with The Infinite Power and works on the highest level they possibly can. I use the clairvoyant faculty greatly when giving guidance and advice in psychic readings. I like to give confirmation of what is the best way for the client to proceed in difficult circumstances. I can also link in with your loved ones who have passed over, if you wish me to, proving survival of the physical body.

To book an Angel Tarot Card reading at £40: Click on this link – (40 euros in person on the Maltese Islands) You can also buy a reading for a family member or friend, which makes a great gift.

Whether on online or in person


Distance is no barrier because we’re all connected on a molecular level; we are all one with The Infinite Power. So whether you are on online or sitting in the room in front of me it makes no difference; you will get the same reading. I look forward to hearing from you.