One to One – Tailored Sessions

One to one  tailored sessions are in person or online, after all, we are all connected on a molecular level so distance is no barrier. I will encourage you to work on yourselves, before attempting to guide others, as personal development is essential. Many of my past students/clients have gone on to do great things and I am proud of their achievements, in fact, it fills me with joy that I can call them my friends.

Tailored (Sessions) to your needs

Past and Present Students

Past and Present Clients and Students

I will tailor each session to your needs; this can include; Personal Development; Psychic and Spiritual Development; Mediumship and Trance Training; Law of attraction/Power of the mind; Presentation and Speaking. Furthermore, I can help you hone your writing skills and learn to banish writer’s block. If you want to be more creative/artistic then I can draw out your talents, whether it be intuitive art or spirit portraits; especially with the wonderful energy on the ‘Crystal Island’.

Treat yourself

One to one tailored sessions – this is one of the most successful ways of learning and you deserve it. Over the years I’ve taught countless people from taxi drivers to actors; I’ve also trained many mediums and speakers to a high level of proficiency and I care about my students and clients.

One to one tailored sessions online or in person – £45 for one and a half hours

or 45 euros on the Maltese Islands

One to one tailored sessions online or in person – £55 for two hours

or 55 euros on the Maltese Islands

One to one tailored sessions online or in person – Book 3 x 2 hours sessions for £150

or 150 euros on the Maltese Islands

If interested, I suggest you talk to me first. Send a message via my Contact Page and I will get back to you, as well as including your home and mobile numbers and Skype name. Once I’ve received your details I will phone to discuss your requirements in full; in either case, it is good to talk first.

Please note: For all online sessions, please ensure you include your Skype name in your details and or link with me on Whatsapp.

Please note: If you live abroad the time difference is taken into account at all times.