Colour Psychic Readings

Colour WorkshopI have been working with colour for over 30 years and it is a fascinating subject. In your reading I will link with the colours in your aura and each chakra. There are many different shades, and the density is equally as important to the way I interpret them. I will give you psychic and spiritual guidance, together with, advice and insights into your life. Plus, how you can deal with challenges and problems. It is a representation of your life, your past, present and potential, furthermore, it’s a unique way of giving a psychic reading. Your colours will not stay the same, as a matter of fact, they change with the way you feel and relate to what is going on around you. Therefore, you can have a reading every few months. More info below re workhops.

Everything is a vibration and each colour vibrates on a different frequency; each musical note is associated with a specific colour. It takes a  long time to learn the meanings of the colours and readers can interpret the colours slightly differently. I can also give you colour healing after your reading for a small extra cost.

Treat yourself today. It also makes a lovely gift.

It doesn’t matter if I meet you in person or not, as distance is no barrier. We are all connected on a molecular level, therefore, a reading works just the same on Skype or other video call platforms. 

£40 for a colour reading, approx 60 minutes

or 40 euros on the Maltese Islands

£55 for a colour reading plus a colour healing session

or 55 euros on the Maltese Islands

Colour Workshop – Can you imagine a world without colour?

I can run a colour workshop in your home or other venue, so let me know if your’re interested in learning more. These workshops are fun, as well as, interesting. A minimum of six people required, plus the host, who doesn’t have to pay.

Colour can be used for many things, including: healing, comfort, calming, energizing, releasing creativity, releasing mental blockages and can relieve physical, mental and emotional conditions. In essence, it is very important in our lives. Colours are absorbed into the energy field from the clothes we wear and the colours in our homes, as well as, from the food we eat.

I will talk on the meaning of the colours and how the chakras correspond to the aura and different levels of existence, followed by Q&A’s.

Colour meditation

Colour breathing

Group exercise using large coloured swatches

Colour healing/balancing chakras

Drawing your partner’s auragraph

Reading each other’s auragraphs

Aura/colour readings & assessments

And if time a short assessment of the day

If interested contact me via my contact page –

Colour is a power which directly influences the soul – Wassily Kandinsky