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I have had sittings with Geraldine on two occasions and I can highly recommend her : On both sittings she firstly read my Tarot then channeled spirit : I found her Tarot readings and the advice given to be extremely grounded and practical and I have been implementing much of it 🙂 her communication with spirit is extraordinary and on both occasions she gave me accurate and strong confirmation of whom she was talking to. In one case when she told me I didn’t quite make the connection then a week later on talking it through with a mutual friend the penny dropped and I was totally amazed at the accuracy and the off the wall nature of the confirmation! Some of the messages Geraldine has given me have been highly valuable in moving on with a personal relationship with someone that has passed over I will be visiting her again for readings and very much look forward to it. Stevie Hendon

Having your Auragraph done by Geraldine is an beautiful keepsake to have on show with a full description of your Aura pinned to the back for reference. I had mine done and the reading was spot on. Also her artwork whether it be on pictures, cards etc., is outstanding. Would recommend purchasing! Thank you Sue Lister xx

I am the proud owner of the commissioned piece displayed on Geraldine’s Facebook art page, currently. She is a unique artist that knows how to “kiss your soul”…Thank you so much for my special painting! Love you much. Rae Eriksson

I had a very awakening experience and enjoyable time – feeling much more positive and I have already started putting things into practice -Thank you Geraldine – I will be in touch 😍 Denise Stacey

Hi Gel, sorry for the delay in thanking you for your lovely Colour & Auragraph workshop. We all enjoyed it thoroughly. Having gained a deeper understanding of colour and being able to intuitively read the auragraphs that we created was truly fascinating, we will continue to build on your teaching. We look forward to the next one in July. Once again many thanks and we hope you had a good & safe journey back to Gozo. Frankie Ashby xx

Thank you Gel for yet another wonderful evening demonstrating mediumship with a really informative workshop. We just love your energy, guidance and teachings. Wishing you safe travels and already looking forward to seeing you next time you are here. Namaste Frankie 

I’ve had many readings from Geraldine now and she had always been spot on.. a really lovely lady and I look forward to seeing her everytime. Claire O’Shea

Hi Geraldine. I want to thank you for my reading this morning, I have always felt spiritual and you have made me want to venture into it more. You have bought me a lot of peace and so many things you said were so on point and interesting. It’s amazing what you do, honestly. Rianna 

Hi Gel. Just to say I have finished your book, When the Spirit Moves You, and really enjoyed it. It was great to read about all you got up to and know it was the right thing to do at that time. It sounds an amazing island wouldn’t mind visiting there myself. Very proud of you although you could have mentioned your favourite niece somewhere in the book!! Much love to you, Nichola xxxx 

Hi, I met you today at the physic fayre in Ashford and had a wonderful reading with you. I just wanted to thank you so much and to let you know that since meeting you, I have felt weightless and overwhelmingly happy. It was one of the best readings I have had and your words have put in a good place; I feel happier knowing that my loved ones have come through and are always surrounding me. I know my Mum and I would like to see you again in the future, if you could let us know when you’re next in England after your time abroad. Thank you again for such a lovely reading. All the best – Jess Vinten 

A superb story. I have had the pleasure of meeting Geraldine and this definitely enhanced my perception of the story. In ‘When the Spirit Moves You’ I travelled with her to the island of La Gomera and met a wonderful collection of real life characters each contributing to the illustrious journey. Geraldine demonstrates huge courage in settling at a place she knew next to nothing about! ‘When the Spirit Moves You’ is a journey that can help others who find themselves at a crossroads in life. Geraldine’s story carried much metaphorical meaning on the beauties of life and some of the hardships that many of us will encounter on our own journey through life. Loved it from start to finish! Josh – EFL Teacher

An enjoyable and uplifting read, leading the reader through a woman’s journey and experiences on the beautiful island of Gomera. I was especially taken by the descriptions of the landscape, which seems caught in time.Geraldine paints a vivid picture of the place and the interesting people she meets. I admire her bravery at making such a journey on her own. Inspiring. Maggie Harris – Prizewinning author and poet 

‘When the Spirit Moves You’. An amazing read, very inspiring and comforting, it made me laugh and almost made me cry, A truly fantastic book, I didn’t want it to end, Will now read the other books by this author, Buy this book you.won’t be disappointed. Jinny Lambert 

Big thank you to Geraldine for helping with my Spiritual Development. I’ve had great time over last few months learning all aspects of mediumship …today was amazing. Looking forward moving on now. Colin Ross – Taxi Driver

Just to say that I have known Geraldine Ford for 20 years and in that time she has taught and mentored me in my spiritual work. Always diligent and having come from the best teaching background. An amazing, diligent, spiritual lady.” Val Hood – Medium Clairvoyant, Teacher, Author, Minister, Spiritual Counsellor 

Dearest Geraldine. Thank you so very much for the wonderful reading you gave me the other day. You are a very special lady with a very special heart. Many blessings to you and I hope to meet you again very soon. Bless you light and love to you love Debbie xxxxx

I have a deep respect for the way Geraldine works at providing people with a share of her extensive knowledge. It is a joy to know Geraldine; blessed are those who will cross her path, she has such a lot to give.” Jade Wallace – EFT Practitioner and Tutor. 

“Geraldine – a fantastic spiritual tutor who has helped mentor and guide me on my own spiritual journey – & now one of my dearest friends. A very talented lady who is gifted, astute, thorough and excels at whatever she does.” Laurette Dudney – Senior Management/Hypnotherapist 

When the Spirit moves You is a heart-warming book, always optimistic despite the difficulties Geraldine had previously experienced. Her move to La Gomera is an inspiration for those of us who need to self-heal in any way we might choose; her gentle courage showed throughout the pages and, while I will never get to La Gomera, I now know it to be a vibrant, warm, healing place. A thoroughly uplifting read. And it includes some of her wonderful poetry. Great! Collette – Musician

“My friendship with Geraldine spans over 28 years, our first meeting being in the Spiritualist Church where I was then President. Since that time our paths have always touched and crossed, including Geraldine’s time spent on Gozo. I have always admired Geraldine’s true sense of embracing life while also keeping hold of a true sense of who she is, this makes her a very practical teacher of all things of the spirit, which in these times that we live, is both refreshing and inspiring. Let Geraldine’s zest for life ‘rub’ off on you a little, you won’t regret it!” Lyndi Molyneaux – Spiritual Healer and Medium – Healer Practitioners International 

“This delightful book will appeal to lovers of Broadstairs and the surrounding areas and lovers of Dickens alike. The lively text is interspersed with Dickens’ writings, illustrating his love of the town. As the reader is prompted to discover what so attracted Dickens to his favourite ‘watering place’, they will want to walk its streets, cliff-tops and beaches in his company and then settle down once again to read his well-loved stories. Hazel Basford – Writer/Archivist at Powell Cotton Museum/University of Kent.

“I have Known Gel since 1995, when I opened my Therapy Centre in Kent, I remember Gel walking through the door, asking if she could start her spiritual development groups, from day 1 they were so successful, I started going to the groups and Gel has helped me so much over the years on my spiritual journey, she is one lovely lady, who loves to teach and share her knowledge, and I for one am thankful for that.” Trish Mitchell – Aromatherapist, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master 

Geraldine was a regular and entertaining contributor to Poetry on Gozo for many years and I know her work on Charles Dickens in Broadstairs – On the Dickens Trail – to be superlative. Rob Ricards – Artistic Director/Writer at 356 Theatre Company. 

I simply had to say a huge Thank You for my reading recently, I am forever in your debt as you brought me peace of mind and heart. You are a truly gifted and amazing lady and I hope, and feel, I have a friend for life thank you. Jeanette Lambert 

“I loved your book ‘When the Spirit Moves You’ and I was disappointed not to be able to pick up another regarding your next adventure on Malta and Gozo. I found it engaging, descriptive, moving and funny. Whilst reading, I could picture everything in my minds eye that you had described so well in the book – it was as if I was actually there. Laurette Dudney – Senior Management/Hypnotherapist  

I had a reading from Geraldine today and it was truly beautiful. I got exactly what I needed from it and so much more. I cannot thank her enough for the information I received and the encouragement to continue on my current path. Thank you for that Geraldine!!! Krista McAllister – Practice Administrator 

“Hi Geraldine, absolutely loved your book ‘When the Spirit Moves You’. It was a most enjoyable read and felt like I was right beside you all the time; you captured the culture, people and island so well. I have never been to La Gomera but feel I know the Island. I am not an avid book reader but would advise anyone to read this book. I am looking forward to more great reads from you.” Lyndon Sorhaindo – Gas Engineer 

Geraldine has been an important teacher on my path, which helped me honing my professional and teaching skills, which still serve me many years down the line. Have an informal discussion with her about your needs and objectives; I’m confident she’ll come up with a creative and flexible way forward for you.” Hartmut Wuebbeler – Trainer at The London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy 

“Geraldine is a kind, caring, understanding person who has artistic skills beyond the norms…especially spiritually and emotionally. A wonderful writer and story-teller, she has many years of experience to fall back on and open up your mind and life values. She’s a genuinely nice person.” Melvyn Ford – Vice President at Hill International, Dubai. 

Geraldine is an inspiring teacher, who makes the spiritual accessible and real. She is passionate and enthusiastic about her work, and has the capacity to make others feel similarly about spiritual matters. She comes highly recommended.” Tim Potter – Actor 

A very enjoyable book containing a tumult of emotions as the story progresses and transports the reader to the wonderful island of La Gomera and away from this long cold January! I was totally engaged in the story and found the characters Geraldine met both refreshing and moving. You will be entertained from the first page to the last and the photos enhance the atmosphere of the book increasing the wanderlust in us all. Morwenna J Holman – Author

Overwhelmed by the beautiful words from clients/students testimonials thanks so much