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Book Shop - When the Spirit Moves You by Geraldine Ann Ford‘When The Spirit Moves You’. This book came about after a broken marriage, where my children and I suffered mental abuse. My short term partner nearly sent me ‘over the edge’. My long term partner had an affair with my best friend. I was put off work with a painful condition so I decided to leave England. Many thought I was brave to go and live on La Gomera, especially as there were hardly any English speaking people living there. I lived on this unspoilt island for 22 months, writing poetry and making copious notes for my book. It was a great experience but you can do it too!

Some say I’m eccentric – I’m happy with that

Arriving in Valle Gran Rey, with two huge suitcases, I was thrilled to see two six hundred foot cliffs on either side. The sinuous road plunged and villages looked minute, at the bottom the Atlantic Ocean. My new adventure had begun. I met some amazing characters and relate their stories, which may make you smile or cry. I had some interesting spiritual experiences whilst there.

It took me a long time to write my first book 

I have tried to capture the magic of this stunning island with sights, sounds and smells; enabling the reader to be transported to La Gomera from the comfort of their armchair. Enjoy the journey.

Readers say it is engaging, descriptive, moving, funny, and inspirational and felt as though they were on La Gomera with me.

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Book Shop - On The Dickens Trail by Geraldine Ann FordIn my book ‘On the Dickens’ Trail’ I have attempted to bring Charles Dickens’ to life. He was an eccentric and complex character, but undoubtedly one of the greatest writers who ever lived. To this day he continues to inspire, not least in Broadstairs, where he spent many happy summers with his family. Several of his famous characters were formed in his mind, while walking along the cliff tops and admiring the stunning scenery of East Kent. He loved nothing better than to observe the fishermen on the jetty or drink with them in the ever popular Tartar Frigate public house. He enjoyed listening to their tales and songs. No doubt some of these individuals were immortalised in his books.

Time and again he returned to his favourite watering place, to gain the inspiration he needed for his ever growing number of novels, plays and stories. In fact he called himself a ‘faithful resorter’. Today you can stand on the cliff overlooking Viking Bay and virtually see the Broadstairs he described in ‘Our English Watering Place.’ Thankfully he left behind a fascinating trail; a trail, which I have endeavoured to follow in this book.

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Front Cover Writer's Trail June 21st Final-page-0‘On the Writer’s Trail’. The Isle of Thanet is known for its exceptional coastline and countryside. Scenery sculptured by the elements has seduced writers for centuries; some even taking up permanent residence. Picturesque villages and sandy bays, lined by the magnificent white cliffs, have provided writers with an abundance of inspiration and still do today. From Samuel Taylor Coleridge to Oliver Postgate, who died in Broadstairs in December 2008.

Maybe you already know that Charles Dickens wrote part of David Copperfield in his favourite holiday home Fort (Bleak) House in Broadstairs. Or that John Buchan received inspiration for his famous book, The 39 Steps, while staying in North Foreland. However, there may be a few things you are not aware of. It is thought that the popular Christmas Carol, In the Bleak Midwinter, was written by the Poet Christina Rossetti, while standing on the railway bridge in Birchington; Wilkie Collins wrote part of his novel, The Moonstone, while he was high on opium; Sir John Betjeman, whilst staying in Birchington, visited Margate and wrote a poem called, Margate 1940. He wrote it after German bombs had devastated the popular seaside town. I hope you enjoy following the writer’s trail in East Kent.

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