Auragraph Psychic Readings

Auragraph Jan 2018Auragraphs are a joy to paint and it’s a unique way of giving a psychic reading. It is a representation of a person’s life, their past, present and potential and I say potential rather than future.

It doesn’t matter if I meet you in person or not. We are all connected on a molecular level so just send me a few lines by email, a photo of yourself and you can ask two questions too.  From this I will draw a symbolic representation of your aura. I will then type a reading by linking in with the colours which relate to your life.

A frame is not included; the picture and reading come in a sealed selophane wrapper. You can choose your own frame and keep your auragraph to treasure. Treat yourself today. It also makes a lovely gift.

Auragraph psychic reading only £45 or 45 euros plus P&P. Please contact me if interested by my Contact Page or by email, whatsapp or Facebook.

There are many different ways to do auragraph psychic readings.

The most common way is in a circle, but they can also be done as flowers, butterflys, feathers etc. In fact you can do any pattern or picture you can imagine and the inspiration comes from spirit. I also run Auragraph workshops. If this is something you’re interested in and you love to be artistic why not give it a go. I’m sure you will produce an auragraph reading by the end of the workshop.

When reading the colours and images it is open to the psychic medium’s interpretation, although quite often people will start at the base of the picture and work their way up. The base representing the recipient’s past, moving on up through their life to the present day and their potential. I like to start at the bottom and work my way round the circle or flower; the left side (for me) being the past.