Welcome – Believe Miracles Happen

Welcome to my website Believe in Miracles – I do believe miracles happen

Motivating people is something I enjoy, especially those who are stuck in their lives. I help people through my mediumship, teaching, writing, inspirational speaking and healing; it’s a joy to help clients and students rekindle their dreams. If I only touch the life of one person then it is worthwhile. – Geraldine Ann Ford

You can move forward

I chose Believe in Miracles as the name of my website because I believe miracles happen. My work is based on encouraging clients and students to focus on personal development, which, of course, is ongoing; in addition to psychic and spiritual development. Usually, this leads to the feeling of connectedness and enables you to move forward. I offer advice and guidance on the power of the mind and the law of attraction, psychic and mediumship training, creativity and I believe miracles happenmore. I provide the tools to help you move forward in ways which benefit your soul growth, happiness and wellbeing.

If you want to visit Gozo, on the Maltese Islands, for a tuition week or just to retreat, get in touch. You are important, so treat yourself.

The afterlife

Proving life after physical death is extremely important to me. I have been doing this for many years as a working medium and have worked all over the UK and abroad. It is a joy to see the look on a recipient’s face when you give them evidence that their loved ones live on, after all, they enjoy contact with us.

I can give you guidance and advice through the Angel Tarot Cards. This is rewarding and so needed at times. I have a high rate of accuracy with these cards and they are beautiful to look at.

Spiritual healing

lotusflowerThirty-one years ago I trained as a Spiritual Healer, in my local Spiritualist church and I believe miracles happen because I was witness to one, then I became a member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers as well as running a healing clinic in my friend’s therapy centre. I now belong to the Healing Practitioners International and have done for many years. I can add you to my healing list if you send a message via my Contact Page.

Distance is no barrier because we are all connected to The Infinite Power